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Developing Emdebian

This page contains information of use to developers, such as how the project infrastructure works, and where to find things.

The project is currently hosted on Sourceforge and uses their cvs and webpages. The emdebian.org domain which points at the Sourceforge pages is managed by SPI Inc. along with the other Debian domains. Other sourceforge facilities like bug tracking and releases are not currently used but could be. This means that you need a sourceforge ID to become a registered developer.

The Mailing list was originally emdebian-discuss@lists.sf.net when the project was set up but is now debian-embedded@lists.debian.org. See mailing list for details.

A server owned and operated by Paul Hedderly <prh@debian.org> is currently being set up for use as the emdebian build system. This is located in the UK.

All Embedded Debian's tools are in cvs - emdebsys, binutils, gcc

The webpages are generated using WML (do make to generate them and make install copy the resultant html and pics into a suitable hierarchy with a set of links for the default language (english). The website is in the website module in cvs, and is a slightly simplified and modified verion of Debian's 'webwml' module. This allows multilingual pages should we ever get big enough to need them.

Todo List

This is a list of current tasks which will no doubt tend to be out of date but is a good start if you are looking for ways to help.

  • Select list of Debian packages to form Emdebian
  • Set up build infrastructure
  • Document build infrastructure
  • Document Emdebian package policy
  • Document process of emdebianising Debian packages
  • Patch dpkg to use emdebian build and install targets
  • Write Emdebian promotion doc to help persuade Debian developers to support the distribution
  • Package the current cvs version of emdebsys and release it

See the emdebian contact page for information on contacting us.

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