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Projects using emdebian or emdebsys

  • Linux Open Media Box - A media player system based on x86 ITX hardware, using emdebsys to generate the system

Other embedded Distributions

There are a number of people and organisations using Debian to build small systems in one way or another. Here is list of links which are more or less related.

Tools and handy software

  • Scratchbox - handy tool for faking native compiles on fast cross-compiling boxes
  • PTXdist - tool for building systems from source
  • crosstool - set of scripts for building cross-compilers by Dan Kegel
  • OpenEmbedded - a tool for building embedded systems from source.

General links

  • Debian GNU/Linux - The Universal Operating System
  • LinuxDevices.com - Excellent news source for Embedded Linux
  • Familiar - PDA distribution focussed on compaq ipaqs
  • OpenZaurus - Free Software PDA distribution originally focussed on the Sharp Zaurus
  • Handhelds.org - lots of good stuff for Linux on Handhelds - compile farm, familiar, toolchains, ipkg mini package manager

See the emdebian contact page for information on contacting us.

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