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What is emdebian?

Welcome to EmDebian.org. Embedded Debian is a project to make Debian GNU/Linux a mainstream choice for embedded projects.

Debian's multiarchitecture support, vendor independence, social contract and huge software base make it an attractive choice for all sorts of systems, but the main distribution is very much aimed at systems with at least desktop resources (hard discs, memory). Embedded Debian tries to strip Debian down to be a much smaller system whilst keeping all the good things.

It is also an open development environment to cover the multitude of possible ways of building small GNU/Linux systems. Different methodologies are appropriate depending on the resources of the target system and the development environment. Embedded Debian exists to encourage work on all possible methods that build from Debian's coherent source tree or use its multi-architecture build tools. The common thread is free software and open development. The various development threads are organised as sub-projects.

Read more about our technical approach.

Embedded Debian is currently very much a work-in-progress: although plenty of people are already using Debian in their devices and systems there is huge potential to make doing this easier. Anyone with an interest in this area is very welcome to help.


[23 Apr 2004] First pure Emdebian system demoed at the Linux User and Developer show, London
[27 Feb 2004] Emdebian meet at FOSDEM 2004
[27 Jan 2004] Major website update
[15 Jan 2004] Emdebian will be in .org village at Linux Developer and User Expo, London.
[08 Oct 2003] Emdebian is at LinuxWorld Expo, London
[14 Jul 2003] Emdebian becomes an official Debian subproject

For older news items see the News Page. The best way to keep up-to-date is to subscribe to the debian-embedded mailing list.

See the emdebian contact page for information on contacting us.

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