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The primary means of support and communication about emdebian is the mailing list.

Commercial support is also available from various companies with expertise in particular areas.

Mailing List(s)

Emdebian and Debian are developed through distributed development all around the world. Therefore, e-mail is the preferred way to discuss various items.

There are two relevant mailing lists: the sourceforge project list, and the debian-embedded list. Use the latter. Emdebian started off independently from Debian and thus had its own list. These days it is best to use the debian-embedded list which reaches a wider audience. If you are only subscribed to the older emdebian-discuss list then you are missing the current developments.

Read debian-embedded for details on how to subscribe. The operation of the debian mailing lists is described here.

Commercial Support

Numerous companies use Debian and Emdebian in their systems. Some offer consultancy and support contracts in their areas of expertise. If you are new to this and need help (or need to show managemant that 'proper support' is available :-) then contact one of the organisations below.

  • Aleph One Ltd (UK): ARM-based systems.
  • Simtec Ltd (UK): ARM-based systems.

Anyone with the desire and expertise can offer commercial support for Emdebian. Please contact the webmaster if you want to be added to this page.

See the emdebian contact page for information on contacting us.

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