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Embedded Debian Binutils

This is the home page for Embedded Debian Binutils.

Embedded Debian packages are based on Debian packages, extended to support the needs of embedded systems developers. Embedded Debian packages are numbered according to the Debian package they are based on, with an 'e' and an additional digit appended. For instance, if the Debian revision is 3, the Embedded Debian revision sequence would be 3e1, 3e2, 3e3 ...  (This is a change from the original plan, which was to append .1, .2, .3 etc to the Debian revision, but this would have conflicted with non-maintainer revisions).

The Embedded Debian Binutils source package ( is the same as the corresponding Debian source package (, with the addition of a number of cross development packages.

These packages are being made available as Debs as well as RPMs. The RPMs are generated from the Debs using the Alien package converter.

Cross Development Packages

Cross development packages for PowerPC and ARM targets are currently available. The package for MIPS targets is temporarily unavailable.

We are primarily PowerPC developers, so the PowerPC packages are the only ones that have been tested so far. We are looking for people to help us out by testing the non-powerpc target packages.



Source Package

The design goals for the source package are:

  • It should be relatively easy to merge the Embedded Debian changes with newer Debian versions of this source package.
  • This package should behave the same way as the Debian version by default. In other words, the cross development packages should not be built unless explicitly specified.

The Debian source package for Binutils is temporarily unavailable. You can, however, get the source by checking it out from the CVS repository.

For those familiar with building Debian packages, the following is an outline of how this source package is used:

To build only the standard Debian packages:

    ./debian/rules binary

To build the standard Debian packages AND cross binutils packages for powerpc, arm and mipsel:

    ./debian/rules TARGETS="powerpc arm mipsel" binary

To make only the cross binutils packages for powerpc:

    ./debian/rules TARGETS="powerpc" binary-cross

To make only the cross binutils packages for powerpc, arm and mipsel:

    ./debian/rules TARGETS="powerpc arm mipsel" binary-cross

See the emdebian contact page for information on contacting us.

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